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Voucher Homeownership Study

Report Acceptance Date: 
March 2006
Posted Date:   
March 1, 2006

HUD commissioned this study to develop a broad, national view of the characteristics and outcomes of voucher homeownership (VHO) programs. Topics covered in this report are program planning and design; financing homeownership; characteristics of VHO purchasers and their neighborhoods; characteristics of housing markets in VHO communities; and the relationship between program and market factors and the rate of home purchase.

The primary objective of the present study was to provide a broad, statistically accurate picture of the VHO program nationwide, based on in-depth case study assessments of 10 selected sites operating particularly active or noteworthy programs and a survey of 206 public housing authorities (PHA's) that have reported at least one VHO purchase.



* Executive Summary
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* Volume I: Voucher Homeownership Study: Cross-site Analysis
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* Volume II: Voucher Homeownership Study: Case Studies
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