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PD&R Field Economist Organization

A description of PD&R office and divisions can be found here. Click here for HUD Office Locations Office of Policy Development and Research Organizational Chart can be found here

EMAD Field Staff

PD&R Field Economists

Row 1 (left to right): Kurt Usowski (OEA DAS), Seth Appleton (former PD&R AS), Joseph Shinn, Mildred Jara Ramirez, Karen Ostrye, Pamela Sharpe (EMAD Director)
Row 2 (left to right): Robert Stephens (HQ), Tomasz Kukawski, Casey Blount, Elaine Ng, Tammy Fayed (Director Region IV), Erin Browne (HQ)
Row 3 (left to right): Keith Andersen (HQ), Sam Young (Director Region V), Diana Villavicencio, Katharine Jones, Marissa Dolin, Maciej Misztal
Row 4 (left to right): T. Michael Miller, Matthew Tieff, Patricia Moroz (Director Regions I, II, and II), Randall Goodnight
Row 5: (left to right): Wendy Ip, David Vertz (Director Regions VI and VII), James Conner (Director Regions VIII and IX), Adam Tubridy
Row 6 (left to right): Nancy Smith, Derek Brightman, Gabe Labovitz, Kevin Kane (HQ), Tom Aston (Director Region X), Steven Walker, David Kelley, Tim McDonald
Not Pictured: Holi (Woods-Weaver) Urbas

Click here for the printable version of the PD&R Organizational Chart

Click here for the printable version of the PD&R Field Economist Organizational Chart