Posted Date: October 29, 2020
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Happy October! On Thursday, October 29, HUD and the Census Bureau made several releases and updates in the AHS Table Creator and on the AHS webpage.

In Table Creator:

  • 2017 Worst Case Needs (WCN) data has been released

  • 2017 HUD-Assisted Status data has been re-released with corrections to missing values made as a result of changes in income limits

  • Suppression has been reduced in the Occupancy/Vacancy Status bygroup

On the AHS webpage:

  • There have been updates to the Table Creator Release notes

  • Several supporting documents have been re-released

  • New technical documents are now available

As a reminder, the 2019 American Housing Survey summary statistics were released in Table Creator on September 15. The Public Use File (PUF) microdata was released on September 30. In addition, the following were released alongside the PUF:

Please look out for more new updates regarding the AHS!