Posted Date: January 22, 2021
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Happy New Year! On January 21, 2021, the AHS Codebook was updated with changes to the data and application elements listed below.

Summary of data changes:

  1. Metro data has been added to the tool

  2. Table names for pre-1997 data will be referred to as "Flat File" to reduce differences in the tool

  3. JXXXXX was added back for 1997 to 2013 entries

  4. Assorted data quality issues have been addressed

Summary of application changes:

  1. URLs now contain hyperlinks in the user notes

  2. Mini-codebooks can be created in real-time

  3. Feedback dialog display has changed

  4. Clearing keyword search using "x" will update search results

  5. Mini-codebook output now has blue row shading


Please look out for more new updates regarding the AHS.