PD&R Research Release Pipeline

PD&R has a rich pipeline of research and other resources underway and planned for release over the next several months. Below is a current list of planned releases (research, periodicals, events, etc.) scheduled through March 2017. Please note that all dates are tentative unless otherwise specified.

Projects Under Development

The following projects are in the development pipeline and this list is provided for background. PD&R will provide more project details and release timing when appropriate. For questions about upcoming PD&R research projects please contact Michael Amerson at Michael.A.Amerson@hud.gov.

  • Affordable Housing Needs Report - Worst Case Needs for Housing Assistance
  • Aging in Place, An Evaluation of the Capability of the CAPABLE Approach
  • Aging in Place: Managing the Use of Reverse Mortgages to Enable Housing Stability
  • Brokering the Geography of Opportunity: How Landlords Affect Access to Housing and Neighborhood Quality Among HUD Assisted Renters
  • ConnectHome
  • The Economic Boom in Eagle Shale: Impactson Accessible and Affordable Housing for Vulnerable Populations
  • The effect of homelessness on children’s school outcomes: Differences between sheltered, doubled-up, and poor but housed pupils
  • Evaluation of the Innovative FSS Programs Administered by Compass Working Capital in Partnerships with Mass. PHAs
  • Evaluation of the Section 811 Project Rental Asst Demo (impact study)
  • Examining the Impact of Rental Assistance Demonstration (small grant)
  • FAFSA experiment using behavioral insight to increase submissions of FAFSA among public and assisted housing residents age 17-24. This is an explanation of the mail message nudges and will include robocall and email reinforcement from the housing authority. (Phase 2 – 2/2018)
  • FAFSA experiment within the ROSS for Education grant to test the added benefit of having an Education Navigator to assist families to complete FAFSA, enrollment forms, and scholarship applications. Additionally, the navigator will provide college/career school preparedness seminars: financial management, time management, study skills, networking, etc. (Phase 3 – 2/2020 with an interim report in 2/2019)
  • Family Homelessness and Multiple Service Systems: A Report for Alameda County
  • Family Options Study-Long Term Tracking
  • Family Self Sufficiency Program Demonstration
  • "High-Cost Cities Gentrification and Voucher Use: Exploring Access to Quality Homes and Neighborhoods"
  • Housing Discrimination on Basis of Source of Income
  • Housing Outcomes, Tenant Satisfaction and Community Integration in Single-site and Scattered Site Housing First Models. A Randomized Trial
  • Housing Tenure, Disaster Damage, and Housing Turnover: An Analysis of the New Orleans American Housing Survey, 2004-2009
  • Impact of Housing on Young Children
  • Implementation of the Section 202 Seniors and Supportive Services Demo
  • Improving the Speed of Housing Recovery Program Launch After a Severe Disaster
  • Innovative Building Technology Guidebook
  • Jobs Plus Program Evaluation
  • Length of Stay (MDRT Task Order)
  • Model Sustainable Development Code (prepared for the Sault Tribe Housing Authority)
  • Modeling Temporary, Interim and Permanent Housing Demand and Capacity for Medically Fragile and Vulnerable Populations
  • Moving to Opportunity: Platform to Improve Health
  • Moving to Work
  • Racial/Ethnic Differences in Housing Search
  • Rent Burden (MDRT Task Order)
  • Rent Reform Demonstration
  • Rent Reform Demonstration, Final Baseline Report
  • Rental Assistance Demonstration Evaluation
  • Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency
  • Residential Structural Design Guide: A State-of-the-Art Engineering Resource for Light-Frame Homes, Apartments and Townhouses
  • Section 811 Final Report, Process Evaluation
  • Small Area Fair Market Rent
  • Support and Services at Home
  • Understanding Neighborhood Transformation: Early Impacts of the Seattle Choice Neighborhood Initiative on Area Residents
  • Understanding Rapid Rehousing
  • Understanding the Market for Reverse Mortgages
  • Voices of Youth Count

Upcoming Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis

HUD's Economic and Market Analysis Division prepares Comprehensive Housing Market Analyses that assist and guide HUD in its operations. The factual information, findings, and conclusions contained in the reports could also be useful to builders, mortgagees, and others concerned with local housing conditions and trends.

  • February – Flagstaff, Arizona/Missoula, Montana/Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina/Grand Rapids, Michigan/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/Denver, Colorado/Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • March- Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas/Tallahassee, Florida
  • April- Jacksonville, Florida/Rochester, New York/ Houston, The Woodlands-Sugar Land Texas and Lansing-East Lansing, Michigan