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American Housing Survey for the United States in 1993

Presents data from the most recent national housing survey on the

size and composition of the housing inventory, the characteristics

of its occupants, new construction statistics, indicators of

housing and neighborhood quality, and characteristics of recent

movers. Available in two formats. June

 Book (ACCN-HUD6548), $5.00                     ______   $________

 Microdata Tape (ACCN-AVI0038), $100.00         ______   $________

American Housing Survey Metropolitan Area Studies 1993

Details housing characteristics of selected metropolitan

statistical areas (MSAs) surveyed every 4 years. August 

 Boston (ACCN-HUD6609), $5.00                   ______   $________

 Detroit (ACCN-HUD6610), $5.00                  ______   $________

 Minneapolis-St. Paul (ACCN-HUD6625), $5.00     ______   $________

 San Francisco-Oakland (ACCN-HUD6614), $5.00    ______   $________

 San Jose (ACCN-HUD6618), $5.00                 ______   $________

 Tampa-St. Petersburg (ACCN-HUD6617), $5.00     ______   $________

 Washington, D.C. (ACCN-HUD6570), $5.00         ______   $________

Estimated Median Family Incomes for Fiscal Year 1995

Lists annually adjusted estimates of the decile distribution of

family income in every county, MSA, and primary MSA in the United


 National (ACCN-DOC2000), $20.00                ______   $________

 State (ACCN-DOC2001), $5.00                    ______   $________

   specify State(s): _____________________________________________

1995 Income Limits for "Low-Income" and "Very Low-Income" Families 

Under the Housing Act of 1937.

Lists by family size the income limits used to determine

eligibility for federally assisted housing; includes every county

and MSA in the United States.

 National (ACCN-DOC2100), $25.00                ______   $________

 State (ACCN-DOC2101), $5.00                    ______   $________

   specify State(s): _____________________________________________

 Diskette (ACCN-AVI0041), $20.00                ______   $________

  choose diskette size:  __3.5 inches

                         __5.25 inches

U.S. Housing Market Conditions

Presents essential data on housing and housing markets from

up-to-date government and industry sources.

4th Quarter 1994. (ACCN-HUD6520), $5.00       ______   $________

1st Quarter 1995. (ACCN-HUD6565), $5.00       ______   $________

2nd Quarter 1995. (ACCN-HUD6759), $5.00       ______   $________

3rd Quarter 1995. (ACCN-HUD6793), $5.00       ______   $________

Promoting Housing Choice in HUD's Rental Assistance Programs

Explores the mobility of Section 8 recipients and the performance

of eight metropolitan residential mobility programs. October

(ACCN-HUD6696), $5.00                           ______   $________

Section 8 Rental Voucher and Rental Certificate Utilization Study:

Final Report 

Describes the characteristics, housing conditions, and search

behavior of Section 8 enrollees. March

(ACCN-HUD6505), $5.00                           ______   $________

Alternative Framing Materials in Residential Construction: Three

Case Studies

Compares the cost competitiveness of three of the most promising

commercially available building systems with conventional materials

and techniques. (ACCN-HUD6512), $5.00           ______   $________

Alternatives to Lumber and Plywood in Home Construction

Reviews basic information on innovative building materials and

technologies that may be used in framing and sheathing residential

structures. (ACCN-HUD6135), $5.00               ______   $________

Assessment of Damage to Residential Buildings Caused by the

Northridge Earthquake 

Presents the findings of a structural damage survey of

single-family and low-rise multifamily developments. April

(ACCN-HUD6518), $5.00                           ______   $________

Innovative Structural Systems for Home Construction: Wood

Structural Insulated Panels and Insulating Concrete Forms

Identifies various advantages and disadvantages of these

alternative building technologies and recommends actions that would

accelerate their acceptance by the residential building industry.

(ACCN-HUD6853), $5.00                           ______   $________

Performance of HUD-Assisted Properties During the January 17, 1994,

Northridge Earthquake

Analyzes the condition of HUD-affiliated multifamily residences

that sustained damage in the Northridge earthquake. April

(ACCN-HUD6494), $5.00                           ______   $________

Preparing for the "Big One" -- Saving Lives Through Earthquake

Mitigation in Los Angeles, California 

Discusses strategies for minimizing the human, physical, and

economic toll of the next major earthquake in Los Angeles, and

identifies gaps and deficiencies in current mitigation efforts.

April (ACCN-HUD6533), $5.00                     ______   $________

Steel Framed Residential Construction: Demonstration Homes

Offers experience and observations on the use of steel framing in

two demonstration homes, a custom home and a simpler, affordable

home. (ACCN-HUD6852), $5.00                     ______   $________

Federal Funds, Local Choices: An Evaluation of the Community

Development Block Grant Program 

Provides a comprehensive evaluation of the activities,

beneficiaries, and community impacts of the CDBG program. August

 Volume I report (ACCN-HUD6621), $5.00          ______   $________

 Volume II methodological appendix 

  (ACCN-HUD6623), $5.00                         ______   $________

Regional Housing Opportunities for Lower Income Households: A

Resource Guide to Affordable Housing and Regional Mobility



Analyzes the design, implementation, and results of approximately

30 local, State, and Federal strategies for reducing regulatory and

cost barriers to mobility and housing choice. March 

(ACCN-HUD6504), $5.00                           ______   $________

A Study of the Success Rates of State CDBG Economic Development


Examines States' use of Community Development Block Grant loans to

for-profit businesses as an economic development tool. December

(ACCN-HUD6774), $5.00                           ______   $________

National Evaluation of the Supportive Housing Demonstration


Summarizes assessments of the two Supportive Housing Demonstration

Programs -- the Transitional Housing Program and the Permanent

Housing for the Handicapped Homeless Program. April

(ACCN-HUD6545), $5.00                           ______   $________

Review of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Programs Administered by


Summarizes evaluations of HUD's six McKinney Act homeless

assistance programs. April 

(ACCN-HUD6540), $5.00                           ______   $________

Evaluation of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Insurance


Reports on the progress of the demonstration in encouraging

participation among elderly homeowners and the private lending

community. August (ACCN-HUD6606), $5.00         ______   $________

Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Volume 1,

Issue 2 

Contains articles on factors influencing the economic health of

U.S. urban areas, the relationships of central cities and their

suburbs, and the Federal role in financing affordable multifamily

housing. October (ACCN-HUD6717), $5.00          ______   $________

Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Volume 1,

Issue 3

Celebrates HUD's 30th anniversary of service with articles,

interviews, and essays on the history and future of the agency.

November (ACCN-HUD6776), $5.00                  ______   $________

Defensible Space: Deterring Crime and Building Community

Explores the use of defensible space concepts to discourage crime.

Second in a series of essays by HUD Secretary Cisneros. March

(ACCN-HUD6532), Free                            ______   $________

Empowerment: A New Covenant With America's Communities

Presents President Clinton's urban policy, which emphasizes

reconnecting poor people living in distressed communities to

economic opportunities in the metropolitan marketplace. October

(ACCN-HUD6716), $5.00                           ______   $________

Regionalism: The New Geography of Opportunity

Advocates regional strategies for addressing the consequences of

suburbanization and structural economic change. Third in a series

of essays by HUD Secretary Cisneros. June 

(ACCN-HUD6555), Free                            ______   $________

Status and Prospects of the Nonprofit Housing Sector 

Examines the contributions and capacity of the nonprofit housing

development sector in meeting affordable housing and community

development goals. October 

(ACCN-HUD6758), $5.00                           ______   $________

The University and the Urban Challenge

Encourages universities to use their diverse resources to become

more involved in their communities. First in a series of essays by

HUD Secretary Cisneros. March 

(ACCN-HUD6531), Free                            ______   $________

Urban Entrepreneurialism and National Economic Growth

Examines proactive strategies for responding to the challenges and

opportunities of structurally changing local and regional

economies. Fourth in a series of essays by HUD Secretary Cisneros.

December (ACCN-HUD6779), Free                   ______   $________

Urban Policy Brief No. 2: Homeownership and Its Benefits 

Reviews empirical evidence concerning the social, economic, and

psychological impacts of homeownership, particularly for lower

income Americans. November (ACCN-HUD6775), Free ______   $________

Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint

Hazards in Housing

Supplies the most recent Federal guidelines for evaluating and

controlling lead-based paint hazards in federally assisted housing.

October (Reproduction, ACCN-HUD6700), $45.00    ______   $________

Lead Abatement Training for Supervisors and Contractors

Provides complete classroom materials for a 5-day training course

developed for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the

technical, legal, management, and safety issues involved in lead

abatement projects. November 

(ACCN-AVI6059), $330.00                         ______   $________

Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment Model Curriculum 

Includes complete materials for an EPA-sponsored model curriculum

that prepares graduates of the Lead Inspector course for

certification as lead-based paint risk assessors. November

(ACCN-AVI6700), $330.00                         ______   $________

 Instructor Manual (ACCN-AVI6701), $30.00       ______   $________

 Student Manual (ACCN-AVI6702), $25.00          ______   $________

Lead Hazard Risk Assessment Video 

Demonstrates lead paint sampling techniques; to be used with

Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment Model Curriculum. November

(ACCN-AVI0049), $20.00                          ______   $________

Lead Inspector Training: U.S. EPA Model Training Course Curriculum

Provides complete materials for EPA-sponsored curriculum designed

to train inspection professionals in the specific procedures and

regulatory requirements for testing lead in public and Indian

housing. November

 Instructor's Manual and Slides 

  (ACCN-AVI6140), $115.00                       ______   $________

 Student Manual (ACCN-AVI6141), $5.00           ______   $________

Putting the Pieces Together: Controlling Lead Hazards in the

Nation's Housing

Contains recommendations of the national Lead-Based Paint Hazard

Reduction and Financing Task Force sponsored by HUD and EPA.


 Report (ACCN-HUD6649), $5.00                   ______   $________

 Executive Summary (ACCN-HUD6640), $5.00        ______   $________

Residential Lead-Based Paint Abatement Model Training Course 

Provides resource materials for teaching workers how to perform

safe lead-based paint abatement activities without polluting the

environment or exposing themselves and others to lead hazards.

 November (ACCN-AVI6500), $330.00               ______   $________

 Student Manual (ACCN-AVI6501), $25.00          ______   $________

 Toolbox Guide (ACCN-AVI6502), $3.00            ______   $________

The Location and Racial Composition of Public Housing in the United


Uses the newly created Public Housing Race and Location Data File

to present a statistical snapshot of public housing residents and

their neighborhoods. June (ACCN-HUD6557), $5.00 ______   $________

Making Housing Affordable: Breaking Down Regulatory Barriers -- A

Self-Assessment Guide for States

Outlines steps that States can take to identify and reduce

regulatory barriers to affordable housing. June 

(ACCN-HUD6558), $5.00                           ______   $________

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