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A Newsletter From HUD USER, October 1996

In This Issue

  • HOPE 3 Promotes Low-Income Homeownership
  • Study Urges Statutory Changes to Spur Mortgage Foreclosure Options
  • Policy Brief Examines Self-Sufficiency Programs
  • How to Contact HUD USER
    Dates to Remember

    In the September/October issue of FieldWorks:
    • A Chattanooga hospital develops a homeownership plan for its employees.
    • SRO Housing in Chicago tailors services for formerly homeless adults.
    • The Atlanta Project involves corporations in inner-city neighborhoods.
    • Warren Village in Denver fosters self-sufficiency for low-income single parents.
    • Finding Internet resources on corporate-community involvement.
    • Upcoming events.
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    Call 1-800-245-2691
    American Housing Survey for Metropolitan Areas, 1994

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