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New Urban Research Monitor Offers Key to Recent Research

The Urban Research Monitor, a new bimonthly reference tool developed by HUD USER, will make it easy for researchers, policymakers, academicians, and other professionals to keep up with the diverse and ever-expanding literature on housing and community development. The Monitor cites recent acquisitions to HUD USER's extensive bibliographic database, which contains information on more than 6,000 reports, articles, books, and case studies from both public and private sources on topics related to housing and community development. The citations, organized by subject, include dozens of recent books, articles, reports, dissertations, and other documents in the HUD USER database -- with information provided on where to find them.

Each issue also features a thoughtful essay that explores a cutting edge issue or current policy debate in the field. The inaugural March/April issue looks at two contrasting approaches on how to revitalize our Nation's inner cities. Robert Giloth, in an article in the Economic Development Quarterly, examines the many calls for stepped up social investment and a strategy of collaboration between public, private, and nonprofit actors. In contrast, Michael Porter, in a widely discussed Harvard Business Review article, argues that only strategies that enable businesses to take the lead and respond fully to the natural advantages of urban location can foster a true inner-city renaissance.

The Urban Research Monitor is available for a subscription fee of $15 for 6 bimonthly issues. Contact HUD USER, P.O. Box 23268, Washington, D.C. 20026-3268. For additional information, or to receive a free sample issue, call 1-800-245-2691.

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