The 2001 Residential Finance Survey

Housing Affordability Data System

This dataset is no longer updated.

The Housing Affordability Data System (HADS) is a set of files derived from the 1985 and later national American Housing Survey (AHS) and the 2002 and later Metro AHS. This system categorizes housing units by affordability and households by income, with respect to the Adjusted Median Income, Fair Market Rent (FMR), and poverty income. It also includes housing cost burden for owner and renter households. These files have been the basis for the worst case needs tables since 2001. The data files are available for public use, since they were derived from AHS public use files and the published income limits and FMRs. We are providing these files give the community of housing analysts the opportunity to use a consistent set of affordability measures.

Download the HADS documentation file (*.pdf, 159 KB)

Download the SAS source code used to generate the HADS datasets (*.zip, 517 KB)

Note on 02/27/07 HADS update (*.txt, 2 KB)