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Breakthroughs is the Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse (RBC) bimonthly, online newsletter. Read Breakthroughs to learn about state and local strategies that promote affordable housing and sustainable development.

Beginning January 2012, Breakthroughs articles will be featured in the In Practice column on The Edge, PD&R’s new online magazine. The Edge provides a concise view of PD&R research, periodicals, events, and publications in a convenient format. Existing Breakthroughs subscribers will automatically receive updates to The Edge, which will also alert you to newly published articles in the In Practice column. If you would like to subscribe for In Practice updates, please subscribe to PD&R Updates — a weekly email providing the latest news and announcements from PD&R as well as new updates from The Edge.

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Public-Private Partnership Closes Funding Gap for Affordable Housing

Family and Older Adult Housing in Queens, NY

New Study Encourages Accessory Dwelling Units in the East Bay Area

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