Strategy-of-the-Month: A Georgia Toolkit of Best Practices
Posted Date: April 10, 2008


Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse
Strategy-of-the-Month Club
April 2008
Public-private partnerships are playing an increasingly
proactive role in matters relating to growth management,
housing, and community development. The Georgia Quality
Growth Partnership (GQGP) is one such partnership that
promotes "quality growth" to foster walkable,
environmentally conscious, transit-friendly, and mixed-
use communities. The GQGP has developed an online
"Toolkit of Best Practices" to help local governments
implement quality growth practices that can also
increase their affordable housing supply.
This toolkit contains over 150 innovative solutions and
resources on a number of issues relating to land use,
housing, and community development. Each tool includes a
brief description, an implementation guide, and real-
life examples of strategies, such as accessory housing
units, brownfield redevelopment, cottage zoning,
flexible parking codes, subdivision regulations, infill
development, and workforce housing. In addition, model
ordinances are provided from the state's Department of
Community Affairs (DCA), which can be adapted to meet a
community's individual needs. The online toolkit is
user-friendly, and can be searched by keyword, index of
tools, or by inputting issues affecting a community.
Visitors to the toolkit's webpage can submit comments
and suggestions, and can also access information on the
DCA's programs and resources for planning and quality
Although this website is specific to the state of
Georgia, the toolkit provides affordable housing
strategies from across the nation that can also be
adapted for use in your community. To view the resources
in the Georgia Quality Growth Partnership toolkit,
please visit
We hope this information proves useful to you in your
efforts to grow your region's affordable housing stock.
If you have regulatory reform strategies or resources
that you'd like to share, send us an email at, call us at 1-800-245-2691 (option
4), or visit our website at
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working to reduce regulatory barriers to affordable
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