Toolkit Provides Means to Advance Affordable Housing
Posted Date: August 18, 2006


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August, 2006

Toolkit Provides Means to Advance Affordable Housing
What guidance is available to help local governments
assure an adequate supply of affordable housing in
their communities? The Washington (DC) Area Housing
Partnership provides assistance through its eight-
section Toolkit for Affordable Housing Development,
which addresses issues from preserving existing
housing to design and advocacy.
The toolkit explores techniques such as lot size and
setback modifications, affordable housing districts,
infill development, expedited permitting, and developer
incentives to promote the creation of affordable
housing. Readers will also find information about
adaptive reuse, green building, financial tools, and
programs that provide assistance for homeownership,
rental, and special needs. Examples of the recommended
tools put into practice are given as models for
localities that wish to maintain or increase their
affordable housing stock.
If you would like to know more, a detailed summary and
a link to the Toolkit itself can be found
We hope this information proves useful to you in your
efforts to create affordable housing. If you have
regulatory reform strategies or resources that you'd
like to share, send us an email at,
call us at 1-800-245-2691 (option 4), or visit our
website at
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