Dispelling the Myths about Multifamily
Posted Date: March 27, 2006


Local opposition and regulatory restrictions to
developing affordable multifamily housing often result
from misunderstandings, or myths, about the nature of
such housing. A paper created by planners from California
identifies eight such myths and seeks to dispel them with
research and case studies.
Some of the misconceptions addressed in this publication

o High-density and affordable housing invariably causes
too much traffic;
o High-density development strains public services and
o Affordable housing reduces property values; and
o High-density and affordable housing increases crime.

While this research was undertaken several years ago,
most, if not all, of these myths continue to cause
opposition to higher-density development. If myths can be
eliminated, then regulatory barriers may begin to

If you'd like to know more, an abstract and the original
article can be found at

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