Barriers Constrain Workforce Housing Development
Posted Date: November 21, 2005


How can cities and counties ensure an adequate supply of
housing for their core labor force? Through eliminating
potential regulatory barriers and creating capable policy
solutions, workforce housing problems can be alleviated,
according to a forum session hosted by the Urban Land
Institute. Workforce housing is an important issue in
many communities, and its development can easily be
thwarted by outdated and rigid regulations. Issues
impacting housing that is affordable to those earning
between 60 and 120 percent of the area median income were
discussed during the forum session in 2002.

The forum included a panel of experts who examined
policies, programs, and regulations that could spur the
development of affordable, workforce housing. The report,
"Workforce Housing: Barriers, Solutions, and Model
Programs", summarizes their findings. The numerous
solutions developed in the session cover a broad range of
topics, including priority ranking in the permitting
process, updating the zoning code, and restructuring tax
policies to encourage development.

A detailed summary and the original article can be found

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