Cityscape Reports on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing
Posted Date: July 29, 2005


The latest edition of Cityscape features the work of
prominent researchers in the field of affordable housing
and regulatory reform, analyzing both what we know and
what we need to learn about reducing and eliminating
regulatory barriers to affordable housing.

The Cityscape papers help further the objective of
developing a broad and relevant regulatory research
strategy to encompass cost/benefit analyses, impact
studies of regulations on affordable housing, city- or
state-specific regulatory barrier critiques, and follow-
up analyses on the effects of removing regulatory

Papers by Michael H. Schill, David Listokin, David B.
Hattis, John Quigley, Larry A. Rosenthal, Vicki Been,
Katherine A. Kiel, and Peter J. May comprehensively
review and advance the literature on regulatory barriers.

To encourage a balanced discussion of the issues, this
edition contains commentaries on each article. For
example, one author elaborates on how procedural delays
increase the cost of housing, especially affordable
housing, and points to technical changes that could save
time in obtaining development approvals. The commentator
agrees that delays occur, but points out that many of
these delays result from local opposition to affordable
housing. She goes on to observe that regulatory hurdles
can only be resolved when the public is convinced that
affordable housing is vital to the community.

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