Dallas Task Force Recommends Regulatory Reforms to Encourage Affordable Housing
Posted Date: September 29, 2004


Is your community thinking about forming a group to
tackle the difficult issues surrounding development of
affordable housing? If so, you may want to consider
suggestions from Dallas, Texas. Mayor Laura Miller
assembled a diverse group of eighteen individuals who -
working with other stakeholders - created a report that
made a number of recommendations to the City.

The report recommends that Dallas should form a non-
profit 'land bank' that can provide relief from ad
valorem taxes on property held in the bank. The task
force also suggests that affordable housing developers be
given preferential 'fast-track' processing, and that
certain fees be waived. The group made a number of other
constructive recommendations in the study; many of them
could be readily adapted to meet the needs of your

We've posted both a more detailed summary and the entire
report on our Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse website.
To learn more, go to

If you or your colleagues have completed a comparable
study or have addressed affordable housing issues in
other innovative ways, send us an email at or call us at 800-245-2691,
option 4 so that we share your ideas and solutions with
other members of our online community. We're rapidly
approaching 7,000 members, and we're really glad you're
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