In 1994 HUD established the Office of University Partnerships (OUP) in an effort to encourage and expand the growing number of partnerships formed between colleges and universities and their communities. OUP recognizes the crucial role these collaborations and partnerships play in addressing local problems and revitalizing our nation's communities. Additionally, colleges and universities are making future generations aware of these issues by integrating partnership activities into their academic studies and student activities.

OUP strives to support and increase these collaborative efforts through grants, interactive conferences, and research that help achieve the Office's three primary goals:

  • Provide funding opportunities to colleges and universities to implement community activities, revitalize neighborhoods, address economic development and housing issues, and encourage partnerships.
  • Create a dialogue between colleges and universities and communities to gain knowledge and support of partnership activities and opportunities as well as connect them to other potential partners and resources.
  • Assist in producing the next generation of urban scholars and professionals who are focused on housing and community development issues.