Physical Inspection Training Information for HFAs

Below is a general overview of the physical inspection training process for HFA inspectors interested in becoming REAC Uniform Physical Condition Standard (UPCS) Certified. If you do not work for a state Housing Finance Agency (HFA) and would like to become a REAC certified inspector, you can sign up through the PASS Training website. Below are the steps required to become a REAC certified inspector. Please follow the links for additional information on each phase.

Phase 1a (Learn More PDF):

The online UPCS training component consists of 30-40 hours of self-paced video presentations, exercises and tests. Inspectors learn how to assess the UPCS standards and identify physical inspection deficiencies, as well as use the REAC Record and Process Inspection Data (RAPID) 4.0 software with an emphasis on the unit sampling methodology. The REAC Learning Management System automatically scores the tests, wherein candidates will know whether they passed or failed. Each inspector candidate is allowed up to three attempts to repeat the tests.


Phase 1b:

Phase 1b consists of 3.5 days of onsite classroom training conducted by a REAC Quality Assurance Inspector trainer and a facilitator. Inspector candidates are invited to attend upon completion of the Phase 1a web training. Inspector candidates must have the UPCS 4.0 software installed on a laptop prior to attending the in-classroom training.

The major components of the classroom training include: UPCS Protocol, Compilation Bulletin, Identifying Deficiencies, and RAPID 4.0 software for download before Phase 1a training.

The PASS QA Inspector Trainers review the lessons and focus on areas of weakness that were identified during the Phase 1a online training. The final certification exam for Phase 1b is an inspection using LMS, which automatically grades the test. Note that candidates must complete Phase 1a online training before coming to Phase 1b classroom training, and must pass the pre-exam test on Thursday before sitting for the final test on Friday.


Phase II (Learn More PDF):

Phase II is a three day UPCS field training conducted for three days in a row in one week. The first two days are “field” training and the third day is a “field” exam. The two days of field training may consist of either one or two property inspections, at the discretion of PASS QA Scheduling. The third day, which is the exam, will be a separate inspection. The exam will be scored on a pass/fail basis by a PASS QA inspector. If the inspector candidate fails Phase II, he or she will be required to complete the classroom training again prior to retaking this field examination.


Training Documents

Check back often and contact Physical Alignment Initiative staff to confirm training dates / times / locations.

Phase I:

Phase I Registration Instructions Download PDF

HFA Inspector Questionnaire Form Download Word Document

HFA Inspector Questionnaire Form Instructions Download PDF

Phase 1b Training Schedule (subject to change): TBD

Phase 1b Training Classroom Agenda Download PDF


Phase II:

Phase II Registration Instructions Download PDF

Phase II Property Options Form Download Excel file

Below are the recommended and minimum specifications that inspectors must have in order to use the DCD 4.0 Photo software:

Feature Recommended Specifications (DCD 4.0 Photo) Minimum Specifications for Tablets (DCD 4.0 Photo)
1. Operating System Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1
2. Rear Camera 3.15 MP 2 MP
3. Processor Speed 1.9 Ghz 1.8 GHz
4. Hard Drive 64 GB 64 GB
5. Memory (RAM) 8 GB 4 GB
6. Screen Size (inches) ~ 10 ~ 10
7. Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200 1280 x 800
8. Internet Capability Yes Yes

  1. Visit this link to download RAPID.
  2. Download September 2015 RAPID client (EXE, 68.4 MB).
  3. Once downloaded, select “Run.”
  4. Install the program using the default “yes” or “next” prompts.
  5. If an error message occurs when you first try to install it, wait 30 seconds and a new window should open up that lets you install it. If no second window opens up, try installing it again.
  6. IMPORTANT: When you open RAPID the first time, open it by right clicking on the icon, and then pick “run as administrator.”
  7. After the first time running as administrator, you should be able to run the program normally by double-clicking the icon.
  8. If there is an issue with the software, contact the Technical Assistance Center: 1-888-245-4860.
  9. Flash and Java are also required.

  1. Visit this link to download Flash.
  2. Uncheck the three boxes in the center column.
  3. Click the yellow “install now” button on the bottom-right corner.
  4. Click the “run” button that appears in the pop up.
  5. Follow the installation directions as prompted.

  1. Visit this link to download Java.
  2. Click the red “agree and start free download” button.
  3. Click the “run” button that appears in the pop up.
  4. Follow the installation directions as prompted.

  1. Locate the “search function” which is typically in the start menu.
  2. If you cannot find the search function, visit this link and install the familiar Windows start menu; the search box is located at the bottom-left of the start menu.
  3. Enter “magnifier” into the search box.
  4. Click “magnifier” in the search results.
  5. Use the magnifier to make content in the RAPID software appear larger.
  6. If there is an issue with the software, contact the Technical Assistance Center: 1-888-245-4860