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2011 HSIAC National Conference
Monterey, California
February 1-3, 2011

HSIAC 10th Anniversary Conference, "Celebrating the Past - Embracing the Present - Strengthening the Future"
San Juan, Puerto Rico
December 2-5, 2008

2007 HSIAC Conference
Houston, Texas
April 25-28, 2007

  • Conference Agenda
  • Conference Participants List
  • PowerPoint Presentations
    • April 25, 2007
    • April 26, 2007
      • America's Future, Latino Students, and the Role of HSIs
      • Neighborhood Networks Centers are Good Community Partners
    • April 27, 2007
      • Institutional Challenges, Partner Challenges, and Sustainability: Several HSIAC Approaches to Childcare
      • Placing the Classroom in the Community
        • Ardis Nielsen, Elaine Healy, and Alex Posada, Allan Hancock College (2.63 MB)
      • Networking Partnerships for Advancing Business Technology
        • John Sossi, University of Texas Brownsville, and Jacqueline Roberson, City of Raymondville, Texas (9.26 MB)

2006 HSIAC Conference
Miami, Florida
April 20-22, 2006

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